Tennessee Special Response Team - A


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State / Local Agency and Law Enforcement Assistance

TN SRT-A is able to provide search and rescue services to requesting agencies for lost persons via live area search or tracking / trailing, disaster response, and human remains detection on land or water. Members are able to respond to an incident within an hour and are capable of being self sufficient in the field for up to 72 hours. Team members are trained in crime scene preservation, ICS, HAM radio operation and other skills vital to successful field deployment. A comprehensive list of training requirements is under the Training and Certifications link.

Certification documents and demonstrations for agencies who wish to evaluate the team's skills are available upon request.
suzie in snow

Seminars and Workshops

TN SRT-A offers search and rescue training seminars throughout the year in human remains detection, area search and tracking / trailing. All seminars are very limited in participation in order to spend the most time possible with each canine team to accomplish their goals. Seminars or workshops may be requested if enough participants or a team wishes to set up an intensive training session. Most seminars run Fri. through Sun., however other days can be arranged as requested. We can also arrange training for SARTECH II and SARTECH I test preparation. Wilderness First Aid, First Responder, and EMT upgrade courses will be offered starting in 2019.

SAR Training

SAR training during regular team training days is also available. Guest teams or individuals are integrated into the regular training exercises and are expected to participate with all necessary equipment. Dogs must be social around other people and be able to work or wait near other dogs without aggression. Please make training requests at least 7 days in advance. Regular team training is held every Saturday year round except for some holidays. Training is held regardless of weather.
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Certification Testing

Certification testing under NASAR standards is available upon request. Non team members test to the current posted NASAR standards. Please check these before requesting a test, because they do change. We can evaluate tests for SARTECH II and SARTECH I as well as all canine disciplines and levels except avalanche. (we don't have any avalanches in TN)
ammo searching field