Tennessee Special Response Team - A


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TN SRT-A members come from all walks of life, but they all have the same dedication and commitment to training, and to serving the community. Members must undergo background checks and complete extensive course work and field training before being allowed to certify as a SAR responder.

Team canines are nationally certified through the National Association for Search and Rescue (NASAR). They are acclimated and trained in various environmental conditions allowing them to effectively respond essentially anywhere anytime of the day or year.

Interested in visiting a training or joining our team? Contact us and we will be happy to meet and explain what we do.


Current Members

Detective Lt. Art Wolff - Director / Head K-9 Trainer

Janet Wolff - Secretary / Asst. K-9 Trainer
Dr. Roy Ferguson - Agency Liaison / K-9 Handler
Suzanne Ferguson - Treasurer / K-9 Handler
Dr. Ken Miller - Medical / Mantracker
Ed Wolff - Communications
Brad Hicks - K-9 Handler
Mike Adams - K-9 Handler
Leonard Palko - K-9 Handler in training
Sheri Palko - K-9 Handler
Justin Snyder - K-9 Handler
Morgan Page - K-9 Handler

Associate Members

Jennifer Gibbs - K-9 Handler 
Sheri Hammonds - K-9 Handler
map study     pack